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Ioanna Andrikopoulou

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Ioanna, owner of Tanguera Dance Academy, was involved in classical dance and rhythmic gymnastics as a child.

  • She studied classical music and graduated from the Municipal Conservatory of Patras, having a recognized degree in classical piano.

  • She studied Flamenco, obtaining Segundo, Tercer & Cuatro Grado Flamenco diplomas of the Spanish Dance Asociación (SDA).

  • She also graduated from the Department of Mathematics of the University of Patras.

After studying modern and Latin dances, Argentine tango came into her life and she decided to devote herself almost entirely to it for the last 14 years.

Having taken lessons mainly from great Argentine dancers, she traveled to Buenos Aires, where she stayed for a long time to study tango from the source.

After a fairly long career with dance shows and seminars throughout Greece and abroad, she continued to offer her knowledge and experience in a place where you can learn authentic Argentine tango, as she was taught in Argentina a few years ago .

Ioanna Andrikopoulou
Ioanna Andrikopoulou & Aggelos Kenanidis

Ioanna Andrikopoulou is the artistic director of Tanguera Dance Academy.

With Aggelos Kenanidis they met, combined their knowledge, experience and endless love for tango, and created an explosive new combination on the domestic tango scene.


Argentine tango dancers since 2004 and couple in life. They have been the director and artistic curator of the "Academia del Tango" in Athens since September 2011. Well-known for the purity and precision of their technique, for the sensuality they emit as a couple, but also for the positive energy they transmit at shows and lessons.

Lucas Gauto & Naima Gerasopoulou

Lucas Gauto met Naima Gerasopoulou in distant Buenos Aires and the magic of a hug made him move to Athens and transmit all his knowledge and experience of the authentic Argentine Tango to more and more people in recent years...

Fotis Kakkiou & Lidia Mouschounti

Fotis Kakkiou and Lidia Mouschoundi continue to offer their knowledge and experience to all students of Tanguera.

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