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Every body is unique and acceptable, so every movement it creates is special.


The Dance Sculpt class (dancer empowerment) is based on learning and strengthening the body, as well as gaining flexibility with influences from classical ballet and contemporary dance philosophy.
We discover the movement of the body that originates from our muscular and skeletal system and realize the well-being that we ourselves cause in our body and spirit.
During the class we will explore the thousands of different ways and possibilities of movement of our spine, pelvis, arms, legs, etc. At the same time, through muscle strengthening and the activation of our abdominal region, we learn many different ways of support, jumps, turns with the help of flow and switching levels. By stretching muscles and tendons, we maintain and expand our range of motion and achieve proper blood circulation, to avoid injuries. We learn to listen to our body, but at the same time that we ourselves can develop it and reach a professional level for every dancer.


The course is provided by dancer, choreographer and dance teacher Angeliki Petraki.

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