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Creative Dance is a contemporary art form that combines movement and artistic expression. It is aimed at boys and girls aged 5-8 years. With the human body as the main means of expression and communication as a point of reference, children dance, explore and create.

The course is based on experimentation, exploration and discovery, enabling our little dancers to use their imagination and spontaneity.
The lesson starts with a series of suitable exercises for warming up, activating the body and fostering team spirit. We continue with small movement phrases, and create small choreographies, based on the principles and concepts of modern dance and improvisation (Limon technique and Release techniques).
The children learn to listen to the music, to follow it with their bodies, while gradually, they gain muscle strength and flexibility, developing their motor skills.

During the year, the children will practice the following:

  1. Space (movement on site, movement in the wider space, directions, levels high, medium, low). 

  2. Time (slow - fast, acceleration in movement and deceleration respectively, prolonged - momentary). 

  3. Weight – Dynamic (gentle-soft movements, dynamic movements weight changes, contrasts). 

  4. Body (getting to know the parts of the body, exploring the movement that each part of the body can produce separately and forms i.e. shapes of the body, such as making straight lines or curves with the body, traveling in space or on location. 

  5. Flow of movement (free – restrained).

With this creative lesson, children have fun, play, dance, learn to concentrate, observe, express feelings, cooperate, discover their own and other team members' potential, understand their uniqueness, love the themselves, to gain their self-confidence and finally to become socially aware, through an eminently communicative art, the art of dance.

​Creative dance classes for children are provided by Marina Angelatou.

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